Adobe Training

"Lessons and Tutoring has been a tremendous help to me while I've been creating my portfolio. The instructor is very familiar with the Adobe Programs. Since she has experience instructing college level classes and "real world" experience I am able to bounce ideas off of her and she has an opinion I trust. Not only is her method of training easy and effective, it cuts commute time to zero, and it's a lot less expensive than taking a college level class and it is targeted to my needs!"
 —Tricia E.

" Lessons and Tutoring took the idea of visual learning to a whole new level. I learned so much more in a faster amount of time. My instructor didn't just show me the basics of Photoshop AND Illustrator, but went into the advanced secrets of retouching photos for magazines and catalogs, and making sure everything looks amazing. I do basic graphic design for a clothing company, marketing consulting, and personal use. Before I worked with Lessons and Tutoring, I would say that I was pretty ok at Photoshop, but after working with her, I have raised my abilities and I now take my ideas to a completely new, higher, creative level than I ever imagined, and for such a good price.
— Aamir S.

"I made all the graphics in Illustrator and placed them in a Powerpoint we used with customers last week. My colleagues thought I sent it to our ad agency to be cleaned up, so the lessons worked!"
Amy C.

"I have had a number of sessions with Lessons and Tutoring over the past few months, and I will continue to utilize the service because I had an excellent instructor. Specifically, besides being extremely skilled, my instructor has always been very patient; this is important to me because I'm a relative novice at the adobe programs. Furthermore, the teaching approach has been successful in permitting me to rapidly learn Photoshop, a difficult program. Lessons and Tutoring provides me with different ways to accomplish my creative objectives; allows me to make mistakes and, then, corrects me afterwards, rather than thwarting my learning process by always guiding; with a soft spoken tone makes it easy to follow direction and relax as I occasionally fumble; my instructor anticipates mistakes that I'm likely to make and attempts to warn me of them in advance. Finally, Lessons and Tutoring has been very accommodating in finding time slots that fit within my busy schedule. Based on the above, I highly recommend the services."
— Luis J. E.


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